The mission of The West Gwinnett Youth Athletic Association is to provide for the development of social, ethical and intellectual growth in underprivileged youth by instilling pertinent life skills such as leadership, teamwork, integrity, and respect through scholastic and athletic activities.

West Gwinnett Youth Athletic Association is dedicated to increase opportunities for youth by offering a variety of programming. With the encouragement, support and assistance from stake holders, community, family and friends, the vision for WGYAA is not just a dream or simple fantasy, it becomes a REALITY!


The primary purpose of the WGYAA is to foster and advance youth sports for boys and girls within a define territory under its own jurisdiction while guarding the interest of its participants. The program shall promote, encourage, and operate athletic programs for the children and youth within the city of Duluth, Gwinnett County and Georgia Community.

Another purpose of the WGYAA is to encourage good sportsmanship towards the officials, the opposing team members, and out of town visitors at all athletic events. The recreational and athletic activities will include, but not be limited to operation of football and competitive cheerleading.

Owner`s Welcome

We strive to promote the physical, mental, social, and educational welfare of the participants in the programs, and to promote the ideals of good leadership, discipline, citizenship, for the benefit of the community.
Ed Hartwell


We believe that participants in youth recreation:

  • Should learn the benefits of sportsmanship and teamwork
  • Should progress and get better at their sport or activity every year
  • Should have a wholesome quality experience that provides both safety¬†and fun
  • Should be challenged to improve their skills and succeed
  • Should learn the fundamentals of the sport of tackle football or cheerleading
  • Need role models in the form of coaches and WGYAA leadership
  • Should be shaped and molded to prepare them for success in High School, College and Life.

We believe that a quality community recreation program requires:

  • Organization and planning
  • Appropriate facilities and equipment
  • Adequate funding
  • Qualified leadership
  • Proper instruction in the fundamentals of tackle football and cheerleading
  • Encouragement and instruction of sportsmanship and fair play
    Instruction in life skills

Players Code of Conduct

No participant shall act in an un-sportsmanlike manner while at home, school or near any playing field before, during or between games or practices.

Unsportsmanlike conduct by a participant includes but is not limited to:

  • Use of disconcerting acts or words
  • Disrespectfully addressing adults
  • Not following the rules at home, school or within your sport
  • Showing disgust with game officials’ decisions
  • Using profane or insulting language or gestures or baiting or taunting any other participants.
  • Making any contact, including spitting, with any other player which is deemed unnecessary and/or incites roughness.